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National Honor Society Induction
Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bulldogs Inducted in National Honors Society
Kosha Patel

                THS/Scholars Academy students who attained an average of 85 or above were honored at the National Honors Society Induction Ceremony on February 20, 2012 at Thomasville Center for the Arts auditorium.

                The evening ceremony started with special music presented by juniors, Kara Meng, Elin Hahn, and Ali Ross: affiliates of the Thomasville Rose City Strings Project school orchestra. President of the THS/Scholars Academy National Honors Society, Shamara Battle, provided the audience with a warm welcoming speech. Sarah Allen, Chaplin, addressed an encouraging speech about inspiration.

                Then, Shamara Battle, lit the candle of knowledge and gave a short inspirational speech on knowledge and how it is achieved. She said that knowledge was like a two-lane highway. There is a fast lane and a slow lane and that sometimes students have to take the slow lane so that they can process what they have learned. Reggie Knight lit the candle of character, and spoke about how character is not only made up of a person’s outer appearance but also of the decisions and actions people make. Carson Fletcher lit the candle of leadership and provided the audience with fifth of seven speeches about leadership. Jocelyn Armster spoke about service and lit the candle of service. She said that helping others in the community makes a huge impact; not only are people happy that you are helping them, but we are also happy that we did something for our community. Shradha Patel gave a concluding speech about scholarship and how scholarships are attained through hard work and dedication.

                Next, seniors: Madison Miller and Gregory Jordan announced the names of the following new inductees: Seniors: Jonathan Cooley, Richard Hunnewell, Devante Jones, and Mallory Sofferin; Juniors: Amie Frazier and Savannah Naestvold; and Sophomores: Luke Allegood, Aleeja Barnes, Alexus Bazen, Hannah Beshears, Kamberlyn Blake, Barbara Brown, Jessica Browning, Tyia Burnett, Mario Cherry, Roemello Coleman, Darryl Davidson, Ryan Davis,, Payton Dixon, Felix Edwards, Erin Fincannon, Jayla Grady, Mareike Haaren, Meme Hand, Elizabeth Hardy, Walker Harris, Sarah Horne, Victoria Hurst, Andi Rapp, Annalee Jackson, Shea Lyons, Johnathon Martin, McKenna Matthews, Haley McNeil, Cole Mickens, Elizabeth Oglesby, Andrew Parker, Savanna Parker, Dylan Patel, Kosha Patel, Nil Patel, Marcus Powell, Kelsey Reddick, Antonia Roan, Caitlin Rollock, Caroline Sewell, Rachel Smith, Kalauni Virgil, Cason Wells, Dani Williamson, and Aliya Willis. As the students walked across the stage, seniors, Madelynn Baker and Natalie Ballard shook their hands and presented them with certificates. The new inductees also signed a scroll and were given a candle by Junior, Macy Thrower, before they exited the stage.

                Afterwards, Juniors, India Thompson and Catherine Miller presented the Class of 2012 with National Honors Society pins, while Evan Pell called out the following seniors: Sarah Kate Allen, Jocelyn Armster, Madelynn Baker, Natalie Ballard, Emily Bateman, Shamara Battle, Brianna Blackshear, James Blackwell, Rebecca Brazil, Samantha Clark, Jonathan Cooley, Wade Davidson, Johanna Edwards, Veronica Ellis, Joseph Fennelly, Carson Fletcher, Rebecca Grave de Peralta, Kiara Harmon, Virginia Harnevious, Richard Hunnewell, Morgan Ivey, Devante Jones, Gregory Jordan, Reginald Knight, Sophia Latz, Carrie Mata, Bravonda McCall, Dontishia McClatchey, Julia McElreath, Lacy Milam, Madison Miller, Catherine Parker, Shradha Patel, Chelsea Penix, Joana Russell, Mallory Sofferin, Alyssa Souders, Amber Stewart, Caitlyn Stroh, Rebecca Sumner, Allison Thriffley, and Joshua Willis.

                Lastly, the new inductees formed a semi-circle in front of the stage, lit one another’s candles, and recited the NHS pledge with sponsors of the THS/Scholars Academy National Honors Society, Mrs. Christa Graham and Mr. Thomas Rinehart.

                The ceremony ended with closing remarks from Dr. Dale Graham, Director of the Scholars Academy, and Todd Mobley, Principal of THS congratulating the new inductees for their hard work.



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