Homecoming Week, Day 3: Squad Day!
1 day ago, Amanda Wehner
Squad 1
Squad 2
Squad 3
Homecoming Week, Day 2: "Anything But A Bookbag" Day!
2 days ago, Amanda Wehner
bookbag 1
bookbag 2
bookbag 3
Bring your Financial Aid questions so we can give you answers!
2 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Financial Aid
Homecoming Week, Day 1: College Gear!
3 days ago, Amanda Wehner
College Day 1
College Day 2
A few pictures from the AP Student Portfolio Exhibition at the Center for the Arts. The show runs through November 4th. You're sure to be impressed with the talent of our students if you go!
4 days ago, Amanda Wehner
AP Art 1
AP Art 2
AP Art 3
Way to go, Bulldogs!
7 days ago, Amanda Wehner
AP Scholars with Distinction
AP Scholars Honor
AP Scholar Awards
Congratulations to our September Students of the Month: Anna Sharp, Maeva Henderson, Caroline Sanders, Holly Davis, Dev Patel, Gracie Glaccum and Turner Conger!
8 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Student in Ms Rinehart’s World Geography class play several heated rounds of “Heads Up” with government review terms.
9 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Rinehart Heads Up 1
Rinehart Heads Up 2
Rinehart Heads Up 3
Our returning AP Scholars enjoyed each other's company and had a little fun with a coffee bar and donuts during Dog Time today. Keep up the great work, Bulldogs!
14 days ago, Amanda Wehner
AP Scholars Donuts 1
AP Scholars Donuts 2
Honors Biology students in Mrs. Gammel's class conducted an experiment to observe and experience the effect of anaerobic respiration on their muscles. After squeezing a clothespin for three minutes, they discovered that a lack of oxygen to their cells is painful!
15 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Gammel Clothespin 1
Gammel Clothespin 2
Giselle Hance and Audrina Hance show off their award-winning entries for the San Fermin Poster Contest in Ms. Rinehart's Spanish Culture class.
16 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Spanish posters
Join us!
17 days ago, Amanda Wehner
MPMS Dance
The String Faculty of Valdosta State University visited as guests of Dr. Hernandez's to work with our THS Orchestra students. Dr. Pfeifer Yu, violin; Dr. Laurel Yu, viola; Professor Steven Taylor, cello; and Dr. Tod Levitt, double bass. Thank you for your time!
18 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Hernandez VSU 1
Hernandez VSU 2
Hernandez VSU 3
Senior Morgan Hiers, a member of Mr. Gammel’s Construction class, works on a set piece for the Annual Middle School Snow Ball Dance.
21 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Gammel Snow Ball
Ms. Strausser's 7th graders are reading "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". Students received their acceptance letters to Hogwarts, just like Harry!
22 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Strausser HP
We got the spirit! Yeah, Yeah...we got the spirit!
23 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Homecoming Spirit Week
Find tips on sharpening thinking skills and reviving your teen's interest in school in this month's Parent Newsletter.
24 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Sept Parent News 1
Sept Parent News 2
Biomedical Science students in Mrs. Gammel's class designed an experiment to determine how height affects the diameter of a blood drop. They will be able to use this data to determine the height of blood spatter at a crime scene
25 days ago, Amanda Wehner
Gammel Blood Height
Yearbooks = memories that last a lifetime!
28 days ago, Amanda Wehner
These students have been selected as College Board National Recognition Program awardees because of their academic achievements in school and outstanding performance on the PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT™ 10, and/or AP® Exams. They've accomplished these milestones during an immensely demanding period of their High School career and we couldn't be more delighted to share this great news! Congratulations to Katey Harwood, Henry McDonald, Colin Szwarc, Aidan Lee, Colin Connery and Morgan Leroux!
29 days ago, Amanda Wehner
West 2
West 2
West 3